Getting That Sticky Factor into Your Blog

Getting That Sticky Factor into Your Blog

Creating a sticky blog isn’t really as difficult as people make it out to be, and most of the bloggers out there are afraid to experiment. Some bloggers don’t want to try new ideas and want to stick to the same old boring routine that everybody else follows. But if you want people to keep coming back to your blog, then you have to think out of the box and be willing to give your readers more than what they bargained for. Making a blog sticky is not a tough thing to pull-off, but you do have to find what works and follow it up with action.

A lot of times if you want people to do something, then just tell them about it and subscribing is a good example.

Be willing to give them something in return even for the RSS feed subscription; of course this is the freebie giveaway that people love. If you are building a list, then have a freebie for the list plus a different one for the subscription. But for RSS subscribers you have to update your blog on a good schedule and of course offer solid value. But never offer cheap incentives, and you can create a short report that is valuable. It is always a good rule of thumb to post new content every day if possible. So do be careful about what you decide when it comes to your update frequency as it will play a role.

If you deluge your blog and readers with content, then that will create a favorable impression. There are thousands of topical ideas in any niche, and you just need to learn how to spot them. Remember that people will get used to your updates, so be sure to do something you know you can uphold.

Writing articles that continue at a later point in the future can work well with stickiness. Always give good information, but in this case you want to make it better and better with the series. Chances are you will improve as you go along, and just be sure that you do not trick people in any way. The one thing to avoid is becoming very predictable because that can lead to a stale experience.

You know that how well you do with these approaches is up to you and the work you put into it. As you can guess, none of this happens real fast so be prepared. How sticky your blog becomes will also be a function of the articles you publish on it, so do not give people old and tired information. One other thing has to do with creating a solid marketing plan because that will drive your efforts. In time all of this will work together to produce the sticky blog we have talked about.